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Top Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples Secrets

Top Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples Secrets Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples and Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples - The Perfect Combination The philosopher Paul Grice explained this regarding an extremely general truth about the essence of conversation. Any individual, not necessarily a specialist will have the ability to recognize that the lyrics and visuals of this video proved semantically engineered by means of a linguist or carefully designed by a specialist on semiotics. They've just realized an essay full of a lot of hashtags coming from the specific student who wrote it is not threatening whatsoever. Since you can imagine, I wouldn't be writing an essay with this kind of a provocative title if I were able to answer one or more of these questions affirmatively. However, for the very first time, I've been made to have a look at the facts straight in the eye. Our teeth are broken against them. The patient should truly feel comfortable and re spected around the nurse to be able to communicate effectively. Both the nurse and patient have to trust each other, without trust the individual cannot be suitably cared for. The Importance of Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples They're attempting to rise against the rest of the races and cultures instead of merely coming together as 1. It doesn't need to be that manner. The third stage is known as bureaucratization. The very first phase of the social movement life cycle is known as the emergence or preliminary stage. The 5-Minute Rule for Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples As a result, millions of folks are now mindful of the continuing effect of police brutality on black lives. It's earned when the men and women gain from and see themselves as part of the societies in which they're housed. The handicapped are a rather unique and peculiar and gorgeous group of individuals. Less individuals are committing crimes. In general, within this study, the bulk of Black Lives Matter articles released by the New York Times were institutional criticisms. The platform has each of the persons who work and be sure that the Black Movement continues to show that Black Lives Matter. Four decades before, what's now called the Black Lives Matter Global Network started to organize. The Black Lives Matter Movement has produced a conversation within the nation along with across the world. Using Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples To further our knowledge, we've got an essay about racism category you can explore. There are differing moral and political opinions, thus the issue doesn't have any resolution as of this moment. It's a movement calling out the racism which exists in the present society. In spite of the fact that slavery and separation of races ended many decades past, racism can nevertheless be found in nursing today. New Step by Step Roadmap for Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples Our objective is to support the maturatio n of new Black leaders, along with create a network where Black folks feel empowered to identify our destinies in our communities. Inside this phase, social movements are extremely introductory, and there's slight to no organization. It may also enable you to take into consideration how effective you truly feel social media can be. Social media has the power to reach individuals around the world in milliseconds, which significantly lessens the time that it would take to organize a protest. The Lost Secret of Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples Furthermore, the reforms can be pressed locally by activists in nearly every municipality in the us. The Civil Rights Movement's effectiveness is why children in the current generation could have never experienced racial injustice. Opposition has ever been part of American politics, but it is thought that Donald Trump's election has sparked a bigger era of protests. The Foolproof Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples Strateg y In the usa, poverty plays a huge part on it. Even after as soon as the movement started, the African American men and women in america were still targeted by the computer system. The African American and lots of people throughout the USA were mad regarding the incident. The African American community and several different individuals in the USA were upset of the ruling of the situation. The simple fact a police force would foster officers that are eager to break the law ought to be a tremendous concern alone. A great deal of this indicates that there might be an overall bias among police officers that non-white people today are somewhat more likely to be criminals. After the scenario, a couple laws changed. An even larger problem with police brutality in the USA is that it looks deeply tied to racism. What's Truly Going on with Black Lives Matter Research Essay Samples They wish to stay powerful and realize their objectives. From there the on-line campaign began. This is dismayingwe would like to repair it. These are a few of the questions that resulted in this research investigation. The issues are now too complicated. In case the candidate who's running for president even sees an issue with the law enforcement team then it needs to be a simple job to solve but its not. Society should change the method by which they view others and the problems that go on.

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Lab s Support For Technical Competence Essay - 1479 Words

jsn ganu INTRODUCTION: Today it is important for all food diagnostic laboratories and research facilities to implement and make accurate quality of analysis as per the reach, volume and kind of the work performed. The essential go for any expository food testing or analytical laboratory ought to be to guarantee that their scientific results are of accurate quality concerning their accuracy and trueness. This relies on upon whether lab is mean to apply for technical competence. The lab s support in proficiency testing activities is the prerequisite of appropriate accreditation. The reason for this necessity is to delivered diagnostic result exact and repeatable by laboratories. Proper capability testing information can be utilized to uncover a laboratory facility s ability to potential clients, customers, accreditation bodies and other outer substances. Contribution in the proficiency testing additionally gives exceptionally valuable feedback in the inner checking of a lab s quality framework. This profici ency testing activities helps a lab to confirm its competence to perform particular tests and calibration. All labs which are included in the authority control of foods are accredited on account of national or territorial regulations.(1,2). In specific nations there is no particular quality frameworks, laboratories in this nations additionally need to show their proficiency competence in matters of analytical if the lab results are acknowledgement in different nationsShow MoreRelatedScience And Technology : An Age Of Cognitive Technology1189 Words   |  5 Pageschange the world as much as Embedded Systems will, in the years ahead. As Dr. Cesare Alippi mentions in his book â€Å"Intelligence for Embedded Systems†, we are entering the era where technology interacts proactively with the real world. While Cesere s ideas are interesting and exciting to think about, I foresee this field making its mark in every nook and corner of science. What excites me the most is all about this era, where the focus shifts towards merging technology with human intelligence toRead MoreEssay on Critical Issue: Promoting Technology Use In Schools1992 Words   |  8 Pagestechnology into the hands of teachers and students, many obstacles to implementation still exist. Equipment may not be placed in easily accessible locations. Hardware and software often pose problems for teachers in the classroom, and just-in-time technical support may be unavailable. Teachers may lack the time and the motivation to learn technology skills. Professional development activities may not provide ongoing, hands-on training for teachers or practical strategies for implementing technology intoRead Morecase study sap establishing a research center over china2179 Words   |  9 PagesAnalyze SAP strategic entry into China and the challenges in establishing a research center with this competitive market Company overview SAP entry into Software market Establishing SAP Labs in China Recommendations Content Competitors SAP overview Benchmarks Products and Services China’s software industry Porter‘s diamond modelâ€Å" explains how firms can gain competitive advantage on international markets and thus become exporters of their goods and services Demand Conditions Government policiesRead MoreHealthcare Multidisciplinary Teams : The Sociotechnical Approach For An Integrated System Wide Perspective1636 Words   |  7 Pagescalled modified sociotechnical system (STS) where they considered an organization as a social subsystem of people and the technical subsystem of production process elements, and each of subsystems has three key dimensions. Social subsystem is characterised by- a) organizational structure, b) human resource management and c) operational management. On the other hand, technical subsystem consists of- a) devices and tools, b) layout and organization of space and c) core process standardization. TheRead MoreEvolution Of Cad And Cam Techn ology Systems Essay1375 Words   |  6 Pages(Mà ¶rmann, 2006) The CAD/CAM technology was powered by the improvement of computing power and specific recovery systems and milling machines. Therefore, to avoid traditionally digital systems offer the opportunity and analogue impressions giving patient support and effective workflow. The CAD/CAM systems are used in dental applications usually contain three components: 1. There is a digital scanner that changes the geometry into digital information that can be prepared by the computer. 2. SoftwareRead MorePhysics Of Applied Psychology And Counseling Centre1621 Words   |  7 Pagesworking of the bicycle during the experiment; they tend to reduce their ratings when asked about the technical aspects towards the end of the experiment. Introduction Perceptual failure of functional knowledge can be thought of as an idea where people fail to understand the functional aspects of objects used in ones day to day lives. It is found that people tend to overestimate their competence about their knowledge of objects that they see every day around them. In addition to this people alsoRead MoreLaboratory Analysis And Results Are Vital Part Of Diagnosis Of Many Disorders And Diseases These Days2103 Words   |  9 Pagesand results are vital part of diagnosis of many disorders and diseases these days. According to Peter et al. (2010), an estimated 60% to 80% of patient management decisions are based on laboratory data. Therefore, accreditation of processes and competence of pathology laboratories is very significant particularly for benefit of patients. The UK was, along with Holland, the first European country to introduce a laboratory accreditation scheme for pathology (Barnes, 2014). Organisations, such as theRead MoreIs University Of W est London A Fast Growing Educational Institution Based On London3362 Words   |  14 Pagescritical for the students given that most of the research sources are available online and students need access these resources to be able to complete their studies. The refurbishment project is holistic in the sense that every aspect of the computing lab including resources, facilties etc. are going to be changed. Project is sponsored by the Head of Computing department. The work is due o begin around easter time. This is deliberately chosen so as to minimise the disruption to students’ lives as theRead MoreMy New Cyber Security Companies1365 Words   |  6 Pagesto back it up with the next slide. This is the most difficult slide of the deck, but it is the most powerful. Being too generic is big turn off to investors. Angel investors and venture capitalists look at a lot of pitches. Even if they aren t technical, they are very savvy and easily see patterns. You should assume that you are not the first type of solution a potential investor has been pitched. Even if you are the first, the investor will likely look for other companies in your space for comparisonRead MoreEssay on Effectiveness of Scenario Based Simulation Training 1579 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to Kneebone, Nestel, Vincent, Darzer (2007), â€Å"To be effective, however, such simulation must be realistic, patient-focused, structured, and grounded in an authentic clinical context. The author finds the challenge comes not only from technical difficulty but, also from the need for interpersonal skills and professionalism within clinical encounters† (p. 808). Most mannequins do not have vocal ability or the ability to move, and therefore cannot provide the proper a spontaneous environment

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Correlation between Social Strata and Levels of Stress

There is empirical validity to the hierarchy and stress approach; Marmot et al. (1991) explore the relationship between social hierarchy and health the seminal Whitehall civil servant study. Marmot et al. (1991) found that those who held higher occupational prestige had better health outcomes and lower risk of mortality than peers in lower occupational strata. One explanation was that those in lower social strata experienced greater daily stress than their peers (Marmot, 2004). This has been extended beyond occupational hierarchies; experiencing racism—the result of a social hierarchy patterned around race/ethnicity—has been linked to poorer health outcomes for racial/ethnic minorities (Gee, 2002; Jackson et al., 1995; Karlsen Nazroo, 2002; Paradies, 2006). The literature confirms that occupying lower social strata and experiencing high levels of stress is deleterious for health (Aneshensel, 1992; Barr, 2008; Karasek et al., 1988; Meyer, 2003), promoting the core tenan t of fundamental cause theory: social conditions cause health outcomes. Evidence of Fundamental Causes—The case of SES Socioeconomic status is one way individuals are socially stratified. In Western society, we’ve created a social hierarchy surrounding wealth, occupational prestige, and education. Although there are multiple ways of hashing out social categories based on SES, it is clear that residing in lower strata of this particular social hierarchy is deleterious for health. To assess whether or not SESShow MoreRelatedKiryl Slizheuski. Student Number Here. Class Section Here.1675 Words   |  7 Pagespursuing this pressing question (Boeri 107). Some claim that these technologies are created and used within an unequal society, unable to fulfill their idealistic purposes (Boeri 107). While at the same time, others promote that ICT is essential to social and economic development (Boeri 107). Ultimately, one must examine the truths in both perspectives in order to see the full picture. I chose this topic due to its applicability to both today’s society, and to myself. In a world where technology’sRead MoreSocial Structures And Stressors Can Increase The Likelihood Of A Person3814 Words   |  16 Pages Directed Study in Criminal Justice- CRIJ 5314 Arleen J. Ramos Tarleton State University Question 1 Strain theory states that various social structures or stressors can increase the likelihood of a person to resort to criminal activities. The strains increase the negative emotions of an individual such as frustration and anger, which create the pressure to seek corrective action and therefore crime may be seen as a possible solution to ease the pressure (Bao, Haas, Chen, Pi, 2012)Read MorePoverty and Underdevelopment of India1911 Words   |  8 Pagesis constrained by its available resources and by its welfare expenditure approach to education. Further, the capital market is too poorly organized to provide funds for investment in education. Thus to bring equity in distribution of human capital between different groups serious efforts have to be made towards reducing discrimination in schooling, improving equality of educational opportunity, reducing dissemination in labor market, economic upliftment and changing attitudes and mindset. But whileRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency And Its Impact On Society1894 Words   |  8 Pagesmajor issue challenging various law enforcement professionals and sociology researchers around the world. Acts of delinquency committed by the juvenile sector particularly disrupts the social order of an egalitarian society where individual freedom is a primary societal goal. The bringing up of juveniles on the right social path requires the effort of the overall society, local community, and the family. There have been many efforts made in the U.S. to control juvenile delinquency. Some of those effortsRead MoreTeaching Competencies in Relation to Students Academic Performance in Spamast-Cas (Ungax Research)3603 Words   |  15 Pageseducational management. Statement of the problem The study will be conducted to determine the relationship between teaching competencies and student academic performance in SPASACT-CAS Institution. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: a. Educational attainment b. Length of service c. Gender d. Age 2. What is the level of teaching competency in relation to student academic performance according to: a. Educational variablesRead MoreThe Upperclass4643 Words   |  19 Pagesgroup of people at the top of a social hierarchy. Members of an upper class often have great power over the allocation of resources and governmental policy in their area. The phrase upper class has had a complex range of meanings and usages. In many traditional societies, membership of the upper class was hard or even impossible to acquire by any means other than being born into it. Overclass is a recent and pejorative term for the most powerful group in a social hierarchy. Users of the term generallyRead MoreEmotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction: Mediated by Transformational Leadership4222 Words   |  17 PagesJob satisfaction of employees is one of the emerging issues for today’s HR managers based on the strategic link between job satisfaction and employee productivity. Satisfaction of employees is a complex phenomenon as it depends on various factors for employees at different hierarchal level of the enterprise. It is therefore essential for the executives of the organizations to cope with this challenge strategically. Job satisfaction concerns with physical as well as psychological aspects of jobsRead MoreThe Effect of Peer Presure in Education17388 Words   |  70 Pages†¦ †¦ ... †¦ †¦ ... †¦ †¦ ... †¦ †¦ ... †¦ †¦ †¦ ... †¦ †¦ †¦ 67 67 72 73 Appendix A : Questionnaire †¦ Appendix B : Reliability Analysis Appendix C: UCU students’ enrolment analysis 2006/2007 Appendix D: Pearson product moment correlation between former school background and academic performance †¦ †¦ †¦ 76 Appendix E: Letter of authorization from Dean, School of Education to carry out the research †¦ †¦ †¦ †¦ †¦ 77 7 LIST OF TABLES Table 1: Admission points and academic performanceRead MoreEmployee Morale Project7534 Words   |  31 Pagesmorale is regarded as an individual phenomenon, many investigators organize these feelings what are assumed to be workers needs. In contrast to this individual job satisfaction approach, most researches are impressed with social or group significance of morale. They emphasize social reactions and concentrate on attitudes towards group values rather than towards individual values. They place less emphasis on working conditions and more feelings of cohesiveness, group interest and identification withRead MoreEducation as Leading Social Determinant of Health Essay2702 Words   |  11 Pagesand the ability, more importantly, to make their own informed choices. An educated mind can go beyond the limits set out by society and can make wise decisions regarding their health, success and general well being by simply using rationale. The level of education one obtains is directly related to the health of that individual, whereby it determines the person’s quality of life and life expectancy. Further more, one may be lead to believe that education is the most significant determinant of health

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Physical Education Essay Example For Students

Physical Education Essay Personal fitness 1-29-99 Lou Zerr, a well-known 17 year old male attending Sinker High School, is very disliked by his peers, mostly because of his low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Lou Zerr is known to be a foolish rich kid that has an attitude. Everyone sees him as the loser that sits at home watching television. Lou Zerr sees himself as very stupid. Lou has a very good friend, Smad Free, that happens to be an Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 1984 Summer Olympics in swimming competition. He feels, as though, he needs a lot of exercise and Smad Free really pushes Lou to exercise. He tells Lou that he will need to do plenty of swimming and riding bikes. Lou informed Smad that he didnt know how to swim or ride a bike. Smad said that he would teach him to do both, if he would agree to have plenty of motivation to lose weight, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and commit to the training. After reading books on heart rates and obesity, Lou figured out his target heart rate zone and felt that riding a bike and swimming would be essential to a good workout. Lou was determined to get his current resting heart rate of 80 decreased to 60, to hopefully fall into his target heart rate zone of 154 to 185, and to lose 10 pounds from 170 pounds. He would eventually be in shape. Currently in the middle of summer on August 1, 1997, Smad decided it would be best to begin with training Lou to ride a bike then to swim. Lou would ride his bike in the morning and swim in the late afternoon Lou and Smad went to different stores to purchase the best of everything or close to it. After acquiring everything, Smad began to teach Lou to do his warm-ups and eating right. Lou would begin the morning with a 2 different fruits and a small glass of orange juice. He would then have to walk for five minutes, next begin to jog for 3 minutes, then walk for three. After his jog he would do his stretches. He would begin by stretching his arms out and then focusing on his legs. Finally finished with warm-ups, Smad would teach him to ride a bike. After Lou finished putting on his gear to ride, Smad explained that he must be very balanced. Lou had watched people ride bikes for years thus helping him to learn quickly. Approximately a half-hour later, Lou was riding his bike very well. Smad became satisfied and determined that both of them would go on a short ride to begin training. Smad felt 5 minutes riding slowly, speeding up for another 5, sprinting for 5, and finally 10 minutes slowly. Smad and Lou would continue do this for one week and progress slowly for two months. Lou would also have to do the same in the late afternoon swimming. He would have to begin by eating less to lower his calories. He would have to begin by eating plenty of vegetables, different meats, and plenty of noodles, breads, etc. He would have to have plenty of starches, oils and sweets. He would have to have plenty of energy, but he would still have to burn fat. Smad suggests a fruit, juice and simple meat sandwich for lunch. Smad suggested what to eat for dinner, but Smad was too determined to lose weight so he decided that he would ignore Smad and only eat a simple sandwich for dinner. Lou felt that suffering is a small price to pay to lose weight and get fit. Approximately an hour or two after lunch, Lou would begin to learn how to swim. .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .postImageUrl , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:hover , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:visited , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:active { border:0!important; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:active , .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09 .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u8f56da6ddb0a15a9d3e2ba1d5e4eab09:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Aldous Huxley, in his distopian novel,- Brave New Essay Lou would do the same warm-ups as in the morning except he would have to focus on stretching his arms and legs more thoroughly this time. It took about a week to teach Lou how to swim, but Lou was doing very well and improvement was visible already. Smad began Lou on 5 minutes of movement in the water, 10 minutes of slow swimming with different strokes, then he would speed up for 5 minutes, and then slow down the intensity .

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American Civil War - Battle of Hampton Roads

American Civil War - Battle of Hampton Roads The Battle of Hampton Roads was fought March 8-9, 1862, and was part of the American Civil War. Fleets Commanders Union Flag Officer Louis M. GoldsboroughLieutenant John L. Worden1 ironclad, 2 screw frigates, 2 frigates, 1 sloop of war Confederate Flag Officer Franklin Buchanan1 ironclad, 3 gunboats, 2 tenders Background Following the outbreak of the Civil War in April 1860, Confederate forces seized the Norfolk Navy Yard from the US Navy. Prior to evacuating, the Navy burned several ships in the yard including the relatively new steam frigate USS Merrimack. Commissioned in 1856, Merrimack only burned to the waterline and most of its machinery remained intact. With the Union blockade of the Confederacy tightening, Confederate Secretary of the Navy Stephen Mallory began searching for ways in which his small force could challenge the enemy. Ironclads One avenue that Mallory elected to follow was the development of ironclad, armored warships. The first of these, the French La Gloire and British HMS Warrior, had appeared in the last year. Consulting John M. Brooke, John L. Porter, and William P. Williamson, Mallory began pushing the ironclad program forward but found that the South lacked the industrial capacity to build the needed steam engines in a timely manner. Upon learning this, Williamson suggested using the engines and remains of the former Merrimack. Porter soon submitted revised plans to Mallory that based the new ship around Merrimacks powerplant. Approved on July 11, 1861, work soon began at Norfolk on the casemate ironclad CSS Virginia. The interest in ironclad technology was also shared by the Union Navy which placed orders for three experimental ironclads in mid-1861. Key among these was inventor John Ericssons USS Monitor which mounted two guns in a revolving turret. Launched January 30, 1862, Monitor was commissioned in late February with Lieutenant John L. Worden in command. Aware of Confederate ironclad efforts at Norfolk, the new ship departed New York Navy Yard on March 6. CSS Virginia Strikes At Norfolk, work on Virginia continued and the ship was commissioned on February 17, 1862, with Flag Officer Franklin Buchanan in command. Armed with ten heavy guns, Virginia also featured a heavy iron ram on its bow. This was incorporated due to the designers belief that ironclads would be unable to harm each other with gunfire. A distinguished veteran of the US Navy, Buchanan was eager to test the ship and sailed on March 8 to attack Union warships in Hampton Roads despite the fact that workmen were still on board. The tenders CSS Raleigh and Beaufort accompanied Buchanan. Steaming down the Elizabeth River, Virginia found five warships of Flag Officer Louis Goldsboroughs North Atlantic Blockading Squadron anchored in Hampton Roads near the protective guns of Fortress Monroe. Joined by three gunboats from the James River Squadron, Buchanan singled out the sloop of war USS Cumberland (24 guns) and charged forward. Though initially unsure what to make of the strange new ship, Union sailors aboard the frigate USS Congress (44) opened fire as Virginia passed. Returning fire, Buchanans guns inflicted significant damage on Congress. Engaging Cumberland, Virginia pounded the wooden ship as the Union shells bounced off its armor. After crossing Cumberlands bow and raking it with fire, Buchanan rammed it in an effort to save gunpowder. Piercing the Union ships side, part of Virginias ram detached as it was withdrawn. Sinking, Cumberlands crew gallantly fought the ship until the end. Next, Virginia turned its attention to Congress which had grounded in an attempt to close with the Confederate ironclad. Joined by his gunboats, Buchanan engaged the frigate from a distance and compelled it to strike its colors after an hour of fighting. Ordering his tenders forward to receive the ships surrender, Buchanan was angered when Union troops ashore, not understanding the situation, opened fire. Returning fire from Virginias deck with a carbine, he was wounded in the thigh by a Union bullet. In retaliation, Buchanan ordered Congress be shelled with incendiary hot shot. Catching on fire, Congress burned throughout the rest of the day exploded that night. Pressing his attack, Buchanan attempted to move against the steam frigate USS Minnesota (50), but was unable to inflict any damage as the Union ship fled into shallow water and ran aground. Withdrawing due to darkness, Virginia had won a stunning victory, but had taken damage amounting to two guns disabled, its ram lost, several armored plates damaged, and its smoke stack riddled. As temporary repairs were made during the night, command devolved to Lieutenant Catesby ap Roger Jones. In Hampton Roads, the situation of the Union fleet improved dramatically that night with the arrival of Monitor from New York. Taking a defensive position to protect Minnesota and the frigate USS St. Lawrence (44), the ironclad awaited Virginias return. Clash of the Ironclads Returning to Hampton Roads in the morning, Jones anticipated an easy victory and initially ignored the strange-looking Monitor. Moving to engage, the two ships soon opened the first battle between ironclad warships. Pounding each other for over four hours, neither was able to inflict significant damage on the other. Though Monitors heavier guns were able to crack Virginias armor, the Confederates scored a hit on their adversarys pilot house temporarily blinding Worden. Taking command, Lieutenant Samuel D. Greene drew the ship away, leading Jones to believe that he had won. Unable to reach Minnesota, and with his ship damaged, Jones began moving towards Norfolk. At this time, Monitor returned to the fight. Seeing Virginia retreating and with orders to protect Minnesota, Greene elected not to pursue. Aftermath The fighting at Hampton Roads cost the Union navy the loss of USS Cumberland and Congress, as well as 261 killed and 108 wounded. Confederate casualties were 7 killed and 17 wounded. Despite the heavier losses, Hampton Roads proved a strategic victory for the Union as the blockade remained intact. The battle itself signaled the demise of wooden warships and the rise of armored vessels built of iron and steel. Over the next several weeks a standoff ensued as Virginia attempted to engage Monitor on several occasions but was refused as Monitor was under presidential orders to avoid battle unless absolutely required. This was due to President Abraham Lincolns fear that the ship would be lost allowing Virginia to take control of the Chesapeake Bay. On May 11, after Union troops captured Norfolk, the Confederates burned Virginia to prevent its capture. Monitor was lost in a storm off Cape Hatteras on December 31, 1862.

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Top 10 States With the Highest Voter Turnout

Top 10 States With the Highest Voter Turnout Presidential candidates spend lots of time campaigning in states that hold the most electoral votes and where there are lots of swing voters  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ states such as Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.   But campaigns also spend considerable time strategizing about which voters to appeal to, and where turnout is historically highest. Why bother campaigning in a place where only a small portion of voters will end up going to the polls? So, which states have the highest voter turnout? Where is voter participation greatest in the United States? Here a look based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Of note: Five of the 10 states with the highest voter participation are blue states or those that tend to vote Democratic in presidential, gubernatorial and congressional elections. Four of the 10 states listed below are red states or those that tend to vote Republican. And one state, Iowa, is evenly split between Republicans and Democrat. Minnesota Minnesota is considered a blue state, or one that tends to vote Democratic,  Since 1980, 73.2  percent of the voting-age population there  has cast ballots in the nine presidential elections, according to the Census Bureau. Minnesota voters are, by far, the most politically active in the United States. Wisconsin Like Minnesota, Wisconsin is a blue state. Over the course of the nine most recent presidential elections, the median voter participation was 71.2 percent, according to the Census. Maine This  Democratic-leaning state has had a voter-participation rate of 69.4 percent from the 1980 presidential election through the 2012 presidential election. District of Columbia The nations capital is heavily Democratic in voter registration. Since 1980, 69.2 percent of the voting-age population in Washington, D.C., has cast ballots in the nine presidential elections, according to the Census Bureau. Mississippi This  solidly Republican southern  state has seen 68 percent of its voters participate in presidential elections, according to Census surveys. South Dakota South Dakota is a red state. Its voter participation rate in presidential elections is 67.8 percent.   Utah Roughly the same portion of  voters head to the polls in  Utah, another red state, for presidential elections. Its median participation rate in the nine most recent elections  is 67.8 percent. Oregon Just over two-thirds, or 67.6 percent of voting-age adults, has participated in presidential elections in this blue Pacific Northwest state since 1980. North Dakota This red state has seen 67.5 percent of its voters go to the polls in presidential elections. Iowa Iowa, home of the famous Iowa Caucuses, boasts a voter-participation rate of 67.4 percent in presidential elections. The state is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. A note about the data: The voter participation rates are derived from information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau every two years as part of its  Current Population Survey. We used  median participation rates for voting-age populations by state for the nine presidential elections  in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

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4 Questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

4 Questions - Research Paper Example Digital media facilitates faster communication of sports and entertainment news (Cortada, 2006).Digital media outlets lay an efficient platform for sports organizations to interact with the fans from different parts of the country and various continents. The impact of this is that, the organization acquires mass support and numerous economic benefits. Digital media have transformed sports and entertainment consumption. An avenue for linking the teams, artist and the fans is well laid. The fast growing of the entertainment industry is attributed to the digital media. Information about existing and newly developed media such as video games, animations and many others is easily conveyed to the audience (Stein & Evans, 2009). This has largely popularized the entertainment industry. In the next five years creativity in the digital media will bring heightened competition on television broadcasting. The continuing advancement in technology will enhance more innovations and thus great competition. The next five years will be of great impact to e-commencing. In fact, the increasing adoption of modern and developing technology will expand the playground for e- commerce. More places will have been reached and the overall transactions increased Mobile commerce is rapidly growing in the recent past as due to escalating use of smart phones and tablets for online retailing (Bhasker, 2006). It is now possible to inspect and make payments for goods or services from any part of the world through the use of smart phones and tablets. Additionally, mobile video consumption has risen as a popular trend recently. Online video play has significantly boosted ecommerce conversations and marketing (Manzoor, 2010). Considering the increasing number of innovation and invention made every year, the current trends in mobile ecommerce will definitely take a new face. More applications and features will be developed to ease the online retailing. In fact, mobile